I'm researching lasers to treat my Rhinophyma

Q:  I have Rosacea, and have been taking Oracea and using topical treatments regularly, which helps some; however, my nose is no longer my friend.  I have always had a bulbous shaped nose, and now it seems as though it's a different size every day.  I have been researching the use of the CO2 laser in early Rhinophyma, which is what I suspect is happening.  I am looking for someone with excellent skills to consult about this and have read some great reviews about you Dr. Reichel, can you help me?

A:  Thank you for your email.  I have treated many patients with rosacea and Rhinophyma (both early stage and late stage).  I agree that the CO2 laser works great for this and may be exactly what you need.  I love our CO2 (Lumenis, Total FX).  It is made by the first company to make a CO2 laser, and, in my opinion, it offers the most versatility of all fractional CO2 lasers as it allows for superficial, deep , and total treatment depending on what the patient needs.

I would be happy to see you in consultation to talk about your condition. Meanwhile - stay on the oral and topical medications. 

Dr. Jennifer Reichel

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