Is CO2 the best laser to remove wrinkles around my eyes?

Dear Dr. Reichel,
I am not happy about the wrinkles around my eyes.  I am very interested in the fractional CO2, but would like to know how much it would cost, and more importantly, what would I be getting myself into as far as downtime after the procedure?
Dear Katie,
Thank you for your inquiry about cost and recovery time for fractional CO2 laser around the eyes.
It is a great procedure and can give long lasting improvement for wrinkles, pigment, and loose skin around the eyes. Here at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, we have the Lumenis Total FX CO2 laser. I believe strongly that it is the best fractional CO2 laser on the market. Remember that not all “fractional” CO2 lasers are made the same, and results will vary based on who the practitioner is that is performing the laser treatment. I have done hundreds of Fractional CO2 treatments, and trained in traditional CO2 resurfacing prior to that. I absolutely LOVE the results.
The cost to have a treatment done around the eyes is around $1900.00. Most patients have about 4 full days of down-time. On the fifth day, you should be able to put on make-up and go out into public, but you may still have bruising and redness. A small subset of patients will need more down-time. Keep in mind, that you won’t be ready for any special events for at least 4 weeks after your treatment.
I see all patients in consultation prior to treatment. At the consult, we sit down and evaluate what is best for each individual patients. We then go over all aspects of the treatment including pre-op and post-op expectations. We will look at my before and after images, and discuss cost. I try to be very informative and give you an honest assessment that is tailored to you. You will leave with a written cost estimate and a written description of what we discussed at your consultation.
I look forward to seeing you.

Dr Reichel.

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