Is Excess Fat Aging You?

Excess fat in the face, especially around the eyes, jaw and neck can cause common problems like bulges, lack of definition and a double chin, which can cause you to look older than you actually are. If you are seeing too much facial fat in a certain area, you may need a combination of procedures that can help improve your problem areas.

Is facial fat making you look older? Too much facial fat can cause:

1. Under-Eye Bags

Larger fat pockets make bulging under-eyes prominent
An abundance of fat can negatively affect the area under the eyes. This is not usually related to weight but since an increase of fat under the eyes can cause the fat pockets to bulge, they can appear more prominent. Removal of bulging orbital fat and excess skin from below the eye can improve the aged appearance and "bags" under the eyes.

Dr. Reichel does lower lid blepharoplasty via the transconjunctival approach. During her cosmetic and skin cancer fellowship, Dr. Reichel trained with the leading oculoplastic and facial plastic surgeons to learn this technique. A consultation with Dr. Reichel would be needed to determine if this is the right procedure for you.

2. A Soft Jawline

Increased fat causes a saggy appearance in the jowls
Excess fat around the jowls can cause them to appear soft, like they are hanging over the jawline.

3. A Double Chin

Excess fat leads to loss of definition
The area under the chin is an area where superficial fat, the layer of fat under the skin, tends to accumulate excessively, giving way to a double chin. Fat under the chin may be hereditary. Some patients even notice a double chin early in life.

4. A Turkey Neck

Fat deposits result in an undefined facial contour.
With age, an increase of fat in the neck is actually quite common. When there is too much fat in the neck, it’s normal to see too much fat in the chin also.

For unwanted extra fatty tissue in the chin and neck area, Seattle based, Dr. Jennifer Reichel, will often times recommend jaw-line and neck liposuction. “I always want to see my patients in for an initial cosmetic consultation if they are concerned with their neck or jaw-line. The treatment options vary all the way from needing a surgical face-lift, to liposuction, or even a skin tightening device like the new Ultherapy.” Dr Reichel will tailor each individual patients treatment options based on their concerns and needs.

Dr Reichel lectures nationally on liposuction and body contouring techniques as well as “How To Do the Best Cosmetic Consultation”. She has been performing liposuction for more than 8 years with fabulous results.

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