Is it Worth it to Invest in Professional Skincare Products?

Skin Care Renton, WADepending on your normal skincare routine, it may come as a surprise to hear that it has been estimated that a woman will invest over $200,000 in makeup and skincare products in her lifetime. It doesn’t come as a surprise that skincare is a multi-billion-dollar industry. There are virtually thousands of products available to cleanse, clear-up, soothe, brighten, tone, and moisturize our skin, and that includes only what we see on the shelves of drug stores and department stores. Where does medical grade skincare fit into all of this, and who needs these products, anyway?

We all do. Here, we discuss why more and more of our patients are making the switch to medical grade skincare regardless of age or specific skin concerns.

A Look at Grades

Skincare products come in two grades. According to the FDA, a product may be considered a cosmetic or a drug.

Cosmetics, like the concealer that hides dark circles around the eyes, are developed to increase beauty. There is no FDA approval needed for a cosmetic product to go on the market.

Drugs are products that affect the function and structure of the skin, potentially affecting appearance, as well. A serum that brightens the skin is considered a drug just like a medical device or injectable product is. Before a drug can be put on the market, it must be approved by the FDA to confirm that it meets its claims for safety and efficacy.

Generally speaking, the skincare products available in drugstores and department stores fall into the cosmetic category. Those that are available by prescription or only in a doctor’s office or medical spa fall into the drug category.

What this Means for Your Skin

Understanding the general difference between medical skincare and cosmetic skincare may not be life-changing if your drugstore products seem to be working just fine. Here, we discuss some of the detailed reasons why medical skincare stands out.

  1. Stronger ingredients. Going back to FDA approval for drugs, we can observe the quality of medical grade products in the strength of ingredients. A cosmetic product may be marketed to contain a particular ingredient such as retinol but may be formulated with only 10% of the active ingredient versus 90% water and “filler” ingredients. Medical grade products are held to a high standard. They have to work. Therefore, the ingredient concentration is significantly higher in these products, which leads to benefit number two;
  2. Products are recommended just for you. You cannot walk into a medical spa and purchase any old product on the shelf unless it is one you have already used successfully. Before a purchase is made, a professional will evaluate your skin to ensure the right products are purchased. This greatly minimizes the chance of inflammation or other reaction and it also maximizes the chance of achieving noticeable improvement based on your particular needs. The fact that products come recommended also saves you money because there is no guesswork involved.
  3. Long-term gains. Professional skin care is not only for individuals with pressing concerns. The sooner you begin using high-quality products recommended just for your skin, the more your skin will gain in the long run. Your aging process may be slower because your skin is adequately nourished with potent ingredients that fight damage as it occurs.

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