Is Ultherapy Your Ideal Nonsurgical Facelift?

We know that the signs of aging will develop at some point. Many of us have a loose plan in place to manage them when they do. For some, the final solution to more significant signs of aging is a surgical facelift. For others, the preference to avoid surgery influences the decisions they make. Even when there is a desire to address aging without surgery, there often comes a time of frustration. Maybe skincare and injectables aren’t correcting every problem, like sagging skin, anymore. This is just one of several instances in which Ultherapy may be the ideal nonsurgical facelift.

Isn’t Ultherapy a Skin-Tightening Treatment?

Ultherapy is often perceived as a skin-tightening treatment. While it does tighten the skin, this system does much more. Years ago, doctors realized that surgical facelifts were falling short because they were focusing on superficial tissue only. To achieve meaningful and lasting results, as well as results that looked natural, it was necessary to also lift the muscle or the SMAS. This understanding was implemented into the development of Ultherapy.

During Ultherapy treatment, ultrasound is used first to locate the precise depths at which energy should be deposited. High-frequency ultrasound waves are then delivered to three different layers of tissue. This stimulates more extensive remodeling that centers around collagen constriction, first, then the stimulation of new collagen fibers over several months. The innovative delivery of high-frequency energy affects the same layers of tissue that a surgeon would tighten during a facelift. The results occur naturally over time and they last for years.

Regardless of whether the signs of aging are corrected with a facelift or a nonsurgical treatment, collagen loss is something that will continue. This is because the cells that produce collagen slow down during early adulthood and the body utilizes the collagen it has to heal wounds and partake in other physiological processes. To offset the breakdown of this vital protein, many people schedule Ultherapy treatments every so often as a part of their ongoing beauty regimen. A few years ago, model Christie Brinkley named herself as one of those people who rely on this system for continued youthfulness.

Many people are looking for nonsurgical methods to sustain their youthful appearance. For many reasons, Ultherapy makes sense. If you would like to learn more about this cosmetic procedure, schedule a visit to our Renton or Seattle office at 206-859-5777.

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