Keloid Removal

Q:  I have a couple of Keloids on my right ear.  Does your clinic do Keloid removal?  What is the cost?

Dr. Reichel:  Yes, I can do Keloid removal for ears.  The procedure is a surgical removal and takes about 1 hour to perform, based on size and number of Keloids.  For best results, we like to follow the surgical procedure with a superficial radiation treatment.  The radiation is done by a radiation oncologist either the same day, or the day following your surgery.  Most often, we then see you back in 2-6 weeks to do a short series of steroid injections.  By following this protocol, you are given the best chance of Keloid shrinkage to assure that they do not return.  If the Keloids are growing, painful or itching, we usually can submit them to your insurance.  If you do not have insurance, I can give you a fee estimate at the time of your consultation.

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