Laser hair removal and botox for armpit sweating

Dear Doctor:

I have two issues with my underarms; I don't like having to shave my underarm hair and I sweat excessively.  I'd like to have both of these treatments done at the same visit.  Is that possible?

Yes you can do the laser hair removal in the same time period as botox for sweating, however I wouldn't do them on the same day. We don't have research data that I know of, but it seems that the inflammation from the laser may cause the botox protein to bind less effectively - which means you could have a reduced response to the botox and need to get treatment for your sweating sooner. So, unless you have other reasons (travel time, or difficulty with 2 separate appointments), I would favor spacing the treatments out by 1-3 weeks. Thank you for your question.  Dr. Jennifer Reichel

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