Laser Treatments for Liver Spots

Dear Dr. Reichel,

Do you layer IPL and Fraxel Dual during the same visit to treat liver spots on face? If so, what would be the price range per visit?

Thank you for your inquiry. That is a good question.  To start a good response, I should let you know that there are two types of "liver spots" that one can get (on the face, or elsewhere).  In younger patients (under 40), most of the pigmented spots on your face are sun freckles (called solar lentigines in medical terms).  These can be treated with either the IPL, or with the Fraxel Dual.  I usually recommend a maintenance schedule with topical medications such as Retin-A, and hydroquinone to keep the sun freckles from returning.

The other type of liver spot, is called a seborrheic keratosis (SK).  SK's can come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.  SK's are actually very hard to treat with lasers, but are very susceptable to liquid nitrogen treatment, or freezing.
Regardless of what type of liver spots you have, we definitely have all the technology availabe here to treat you.  I don't usually layer the IPL and the Fraxel Dual over each other as I am concerned about it being too risky and might result in a burn to the skin.  However, if you have the SK type of liver spot, I will often freeze these at the same time as the laser treatment - at no additional cost.
The best thing to do would be to make a cosmetic consultation appointment for me to evaluate your skin and see what would be the best treatment regimen for you.  Prices vary based on what we decide, treatments costs can range from a few hundred dollars, all the way up to a few thousand.
I would be so happy to see you, and, if possible, we can often do treatments at the same time as consultation if wanted.  Please call my office at your earliest convenience, to schedule an appointment.  I look forward to meeting you.
Dr. Jennifer Reichel at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center

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