Let’s Tame Those Trouble Spots

One of the wonderful things about living in this day and age is that cosmetic beauty can mean so many things. Even with the influence of social media influencers and celebrities around every corner, more people are grasping onto the idea that they can be their own kind of beautiful. However that looks for you, there are treatments that can help you achieve that. Sometimes, that means taming certain trouble spots.

As you know, trouble spots can develop anywhere. For some people, it is facial aging that causes concern. For some, it is skin and body issues like unwanted hair, unwanted fat, or unattractive veins. Here, we want to focus on the various trouble spots that may occur and how each can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Signs of Aging

The development of permanent lines and wrinkles can feel distressing. Once creases remain even when the face is at rest, there’s no going back. There are, however, multiple ways forward. Some of the ways that we help patients tame trouble spots on their face include:

  • Chemical peels for gentle, routine exfoliation can be performed as often as monthly.
  • Microneedling is a brief treatment that induces collagen production for all-over improvement.
  • Laser and light treatments can resurface and remodel the skin to look brighter, clearer, and softer.
  • Injectables smooth lines and creases around the eyes, nose, and mouth, as well as the hands and neck.
  • CoolSculpting and Kybella are each excellent choices to reduce a double-chin.


The body ages similarly to the face but is, for the most part, easy to disguise, at least for a time. Trouble spots that may eventually take center stage can often be addressed with:

  • CoolSculpting for small areas of stubborn fat. Common treatment areas include the stomach, thighs, arms, bra area, and chin.
  • Cellfina is a proven method of eliminating frustrating cellulite. The in-office treatment is comfortable and literally untethers the skin to restore a smooth, beautiful surface.
  • Liposonix, like CoolSculpting, is intended for the spot reduction of unwanted fat in the midsection.
  • Tumescent liposuction is the treatment of choice for those who want faster, more dramatic results in fat reduction.
  • Liposculpting is a precision liposuction technique that is used to sculpt smaller areas of the body or face.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive menu of services to patients in the Seattle and Renton areas. To schedule a consultation where we can discuss your trouble spots, call 206-859-5777.

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