Lip augmentation

Hi Dr. Reichel,

I am interested in lip augmentation. Is this something you can do?


I love doing lip augmentation. I would be happy to see you for this. I usually use either Restylane, or Juvederm (fillers) to plump the lips. It is one of my favorite procedures to do. There is also a brand new ultrasound device called Jenu, that can be used at home to maintain plumped lips. You have to wait one week after having  fillers to use it, but it is great.

Please call 206-859-5777 to set up an appointment for a consultation. Mention RealSelf and the consult is free. Also, we can do your treatment on the same day if you would like. You will have about 2-3 days of very puffy lips, so be sure that you don?t have any big events in the days right after treatment. Other possible reactions include bruising. This is uncommon, but can happen. The fillers usually last about 6 months the first treatment, and then can last even 18 months with a second treatment.

I look forward to seeing you.

Dr Reichel

Jennifer Reichel MD
Director, Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center
11011 Meridian Avenue N Suite 102
Seattle WA 98133
phone: 206-859-5777
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