Lip fillers & Rosacea with Dr. Reichel

I am interested in trying filler for the first time in my lips and possibly other areas of my face. I also have rosacea and would like to discuss treatments.


Dear S,

I would love to see you for filler for your lips (and possibly other places). For lips, the best fillers to use are either Juvederm Ultra, or Restylane. They are fairly comparable. I think Juvederm is a bit more pliable/supple, but I find that Restylane may last a bit longer. We can decide which is best for you when you come in. I am always amazed at how wonderful and natural it makes your lips look. I recommend that we do local nerve blocks and topical numbing cream to make you comfortable. People tolerate it really well. We currently charge $575 per syringe. We do run specials and one later this month on Juvederm. Check it out here

Many people worry that it is going to give them big big lips. This isn't the case with just one treatment. You should expect to see about 3-4 days of temporary swelling so don't plan any big events for that time. Other possible side effects include bruising (usually mild, about 5% of patients have more significant bruising that can last 5-10 days). Bruising can usually be covered well with make-up. Having an allergic reaction to fillers is almost unheard of.

Results usually last 6 months the first time and then, the more you do fillers, the longer the results last. We can do a cosmetic consultation to see if any other treatments would be right for you.

For your rosacea, we can talk about it at the same time. Treatments include topical medications, such as metro-cream and oral medications, such as oral antibiotics that are also used for acne. For some patients with rosacea, they may need treatment with lasers such as the V-Beam, the Aura KTP, or even just Intense Pulse Light. We can look at you and see what is best. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of an office visit, and the oral and topical medications for rosacea. Most do not cover laser treatments (sad).

I'm excited to see you.
Dr Reichel

Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center

Seattle, WA


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