Liposuction in Seattle for thighs

Dear Dr. Reichel

Hello, With liposuction, on the thighs, (I have issues from knees up, front and back) I'd like to know a realistic time frame to be to where you could wear a swim suit and swim (exposure to sun) without anything being noticeable. Is it 3-4 months? Also would I need to stay in Seattle for a day or two before driving back over?  I do not live in the Seattle area, so I am looking at several hours in the car. I realize you can't give me much till we do an exam and consult but wanted to get a realistic framework. Lost 35 pounds this year (yay me) and it's time for the next step:) Thanks in advance.

First off- thank you for the email, and also congratulations on losing 35lbs!   

On the liposuction: Yes, ideally you will need the 3 to 4 months to look good for swimwear. You don't have to worry so much about sun exposure after liposuction. It is more the timeframe to have the bruising and swelling improve. At 3-4 months you should definitely be presentable :).

I would like you to stay in Seattle for the night after the procedure - but you could head back to your home the following day.  As far as location - we would need to look at your legs. It isn't appropriate to do liposuction on the front of the leg (above the knee) - it always looks bad and can cause the skin above the knee to sag over the knee. There are tightening devices (like the Thermage) that can be used in this area. Liposuction is great for the "Knee" - which is the lower middle part just above your knee. It is great for inner and outer thighs as well.  I offer free liposuction consultations and very much look forward to meeting you in person.  Please call my office at your earliest convenience to schedule your liposuction consultation, 206.859.5777, my front desk will get you scheduled as quickly as possible.

Kind regards,

Dr. Jennifer Reichel

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