Liposuction’s Long List of Treatment Areas

Liposuction Seattle, WALiposuction has one of the longest runs in the history of cosmetic surgery. This procedure has been performed and refined since the mid-70s and continues to be one of the leading cosmetic procedures today. The manual extraction of unwanted fat is appealing to men and women who want to enjoy better contouring in one or more areas of the body.

Some of those areas include:

  • The midsection, or waist. We may lovingly call excess fat in this area “love handles,” but we don’t love these bulges at all. The waist is a difficult area to tone and is also an area of the body that typically has excellent skin elasticity, a plus for liposuction patients. When liposuction is performed in this area, a patient may expect to drop a pant-size – or more.
  • The flanks fall in line right behind the love handles, spanning around the waist to the low back area. The flanks are often incorporated into the midsection liposuction procedure to create symmetry.
  • Women tend to be particularly interested in liposuction for curvy hips. When excess fat is removed from this area, the curvature of the buttocks may appear more rounded and feminine.
  • This could be mistaken for the waist, but it’s slightly higher and may extend above the belly button. Before abdominal liposuction, a thorough examination of skin and superficial muscle tissue is conducted to ensure laxity does not appear obvious as a result of the fat reduction.
  • When liposuction is performed on the buttocks, it is generally in the context of a Brazilian Butt Lift. To remove fat and not reinsert it higher up on the buttocks could lead to a flat appearance.
  • Neck liposuction is something that we perform to help patients in the Seattle area feel more satisfied with their appearance. This procedure is advantageous because it smooths the neck, which sharpens the jawline, and fat does not come back.

Liposuction procedures are performed in our accredited surgical center, generally with twilight anesthesia and a local anesthetic to numb tissue and nerve endings. Our experienced team supports patients in their liposuction journey to improve outcome and their overall experience.

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