Meet Our Laser and CoolSculpting Experts

Meet Our Laser and CoolSculpting Experts

Cheryl Wells, LPN - Laser Specialist

Cheryl Wells, LPN - Laser Specialist

Cheryl Wells is our Laser Specialist. Her 13 years of work as a nurse in cosmetic surgery and dermatology in concert with her years of focus and emphasis with lasers has made her a stellar provider. She has the expertise to perform countless laser and or ultrasound procedures all while being knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to her patients' goals.

Cheryl received her Bachelor of Science, Magna Cum Laude while attending nursing school in 2004. The education, her extensive laser training, continuing education under Dr. Reichel and advanced certification gives her an edge when performing laser treatments. Here at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, Cheryl works with the LightSheer DUET, Utherapy, CoolSculpting, Liposonix, IPL Photofacial, the VBeam Perfecta and Chemical Peels.

Working closely with Dr. Reichel since Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center's opened its doors in 2006, Cheryl has practiced Dr. Reichel's philosophy to embody a commitment to patient satisfaction and safety.

Cheryl utilizes her experience, expertise and warm demeanor to help put patients at ease while making them feel comfortable. Furthermore, she is able to achieve outstanding results for her patients, regardless of skin type.

Cheryl says, "I love operating lasers! For instance, with regard to laser hair removal, the LightSheer DUET is the sixth laser I have worked with and it is by far the best technology for hair removal! I have extremely high patient satisfaction and look forward to sharing my excellent results with you."

Sue Hickox, M.A./Medical Esthetician/LASER SPECIALIST

Sue Hickox is our Laser Specialist in addition to being a Medical Assistant and Medical Esthetician.  Sue’s many years in Cosmetic Dermatology working under the supervision of Dr. Reichel and with Dr. Laurie Jacobson as her primary Medical Assistant has given her tremendous knowledge and expertise. Her understanding and skills with countless lasers and or ultrasound procedures make her a remarkable provider.

Sue became a Medical Assistant in 2009 and a licensed Medical Esthetician in 2011.  Her dedication to cosmetic dermatology is unwavering.  Whether she is performing CoolSculpting, Ultherapy, Liposonix, Laser Hair Removal with the LightSheer DUET, IPL – Photofacials VBeam or Chemical Peels, her level of expertise and ability to deliver outstanding results prevail.  Sue also has a calm, warm demeanor and ensures safety and patient satisfaction is a priority.

Sue’s philosophy is simple, “I love helping patients achieve the results they are looking for”.  She is passionate about her profession, about lasers and about helping patients meet their goals.

During Sue’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her three young children.  They especially enjoy going to the park and the Children's Museum!

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