Mohs Surgery an Innovative Approach to Skin Cancer

In recent years, we have been encouraged to learn more about protecting ourselves from skin cancer. The various forms of this condition pose a serious threat to health and wellness. However, innovative treatment options have emerged, one of them touted for its high success rate at removing basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas. We are pleased to provide our patients the option of Mohs Micrographic Surgery for skin cancer removal.

A Delicate Approach

Historically, skin cancer lesions have been removed through cauterization, scraping, freezing, or surgical excision. Each of these methods is based on the same basic methodology of physical examination and removal. The success of these techniques depends on the accurate identification of the extent of abnormality. With Mohs, guesswork disappears.

Mohs Micrographic surgery is a step-by-step process of removal. It does not excise a growth in one fell swoop, but in stages. During surgery, one layer of tissue is removed at a time. After a single layer of cells is removed, it is immediately examined microscopically. The meticulous removal and examination of cells continues until no abnormal cells are seen under magnification. Mohs Surgery can take several hours, but patients know when they leave our facility that the margins of their growth are clear.

When to Consider Mohs Surgery

MOHSThere are two specific situations in which Mohs is an ideal procedure:

  • Visible skin cancers. Cancerous growths on the face or other area that cannot be hidden beneath clothing require careful consideration. Physical assessment of a growth does not typically return the most accurate data. For this reason, a small amount healthy tissue around a growth is also removed. The removal may lead to permanent scarring, which you do not want on your face or other obvious area.
  • Aggressive cancers. Some carcinomas are rapid growers, presenting a challenge to accurate assessment in terms of size and depth. Other difficult growths include those that have recurred after an initial removal procedure. The outcome of such cases improves with the precision and immediate verification of Mohs surgery.

The founder and director of Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, Dr. Reichel is a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon. The accredited ambulatory surgery center in which she performs  is staffed by nurses who have also completed specific training in this procedure.

We don’t leave your skin to chance. Call Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center for your skin cancer screening and treatment.

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