Non-surgical nose job with filler

Hi John. Below is your question and my response:

My name is John, I am 37 years old and I live in Northern Virginia (30 mins from Washington D.C.). About a month and a half ago I had surgical Rhinoplasty done to improve the definition of my nose, though there is a significant difference in the way my nose looked before and the way it looks after the surgery (and I was quite pleased with the results) there are still two minor things that maybe I will get done surgical next year but for now I would like to have the improvements done with fillers such as Juvederm, or Radiesse. I would like my nose to have a more defined tip and most importantly I would like the sides of my nose to be more triangular as opposed to the way it looks now. I can send pictures if you want. Please provide me the estimate of the cost and also your availability for me to come in and have this done. I am very serious about getting this done as soon as possible.

Thanks for the inquiry. I guess first things – I am in Seattle in Washington State – so you probably don’t want to travel all the way across the country to come and see me (although non-surgical nose jobs are one of my favorite procedures to do J).   But – to answer a bit of your question – I would say that you may be a little too close to having the surgery to add fillers yet. I would check with your surgeon that did your rhinoplasty to find out what he/she thinks of having fillers done after surgery – how long should you wait? There is no standard answer, but if you came to see me, I would probably ask to wait about 6 months for all the swelling and healing to occur before doing fillers in the nose. I do prefer Radiesse over the other fillers for non-surgical nose jobs. It is easy to define the tip more. Shaping the sides of the nose should also be possible.

Again, thanks for the inquiry – you should be able to find a skilled dermatologic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, or plastic surgeon to do the treatment. I would ask your doc that did your surgery. You can also check on RealSelf. Good luck.


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