Non-surgical Nose Job

Non-surgical options for nose "improvements" involve the use of fillers, such as Radiesse (Dr. Reichel's favorite). The filler is injected under the skin of the nose just above the bone to improve nasal humps, or give the nose the appearance of being slimmer. It is amazing how it works by almost tricking the eye of the on-looker into thinking the nose is smaller and more straight.

For our patients, we have them come in about 40 minutes before the procedure to have topical numbing placed on the nose for increased comfort. The procedure itself usually takes 30 minutes and involves injecting filler and then molding the nose, as Radiesse is pliable and can be molded. Most patients do report that it is uncomfortable, but all tolerate the procedure just fine. Once the procedure is over, the area may feel sore, but not painful. Most patients have about 2 days of swelling and redness which then subsides. The patient may get a little bit of bruising - so don't plan the procedure right before a fancy event.

The filler usually lasts about 6-12 months and can be re-injected at anytime. Botox can also be used for non-surgical nose jobs to slightly alter the curves of the nose. Botox inhibits the muscles that pull down on the nose tip, or cause a widening of the sides of the nose.



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