Non-Surgical Skin Tightening: Comparing Your Options

Ultherapy Seattle WAThe development of various energetic platforms has been an incredible step forward for aesthetic medicine. We commonly use lasers to remove unwanted hair, unwanted wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. More recently, devices that improve the appearance of the skin have been developed around technologies like ultrasound and radiofrequency. As exciting as this can be, it’s also confusing for most people who want to address cosmetic concerns. Here, we outline three of the skin rejuvenating treatments that are utilized in our Seattle and Renton offices.


Ultherapy is the ultrasound skin-tightening platform that Christie Brinkley has admitted to using to address the signs of aging on her face and neck. The objective of Ultherapy treatment is to use ultrasound to observe the depth of collagen-producing cells and also to send ultrasound waves to the proper depth to stimulate the dynamic production of the protein that firms and lifts the skin. The primary benefit of this cosmetic treatment is that ultrasound is delivered to the precise depth of tissue just above the deep muscle. Only one treatment every few years can do wonders for the aging face.


Laser devices are commonly used to resurface the uppermost layers of tissue. When short, concentrated beams of light are pulsed into the skin, finite layers of cells are removed in a controlled manner. The resulting abrasion stimulates the release of new, vibrant skin cells that display a healthy glow. Laser skin resurfacing has evolved to be gentler and safer. Because treatment is customizable, it is possible to rely on laser technologies to correct a wide range of concerns, including sunspots and poor texture. Usually, lasers are used to brighten and smooth the skin, not to tighten it.


Like ultrasound, radiofrequency works on deeper layers of tissue to strengthen collagen for smoother, firmer skin. Radiofrequency waves can penetrate through the epidermis without unpleasant side effects like peeling and prolonged redness. Energy can also penetrate more deeply with the use of tiny, powered needles that send radiofrequency waves to deep-seated tissues for more powerful effects.

Which Treatment is Right for You?

The best way to know which type of skin rejuvenation would best suit your needs is to discuss your objectives with an experienced physician. At Pacific Dermatology, we utilize a variety of devices and may combine therapeutic treatments with injectables and other procedures to achieve the best results. During your consultation, we will observe your skin and discuss your preferences for downtime, number of treatments, and more.

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