Nonsurgical Facelift using Sculptra - Six Weeks After Treatment One with Dr. Jennifer Reichel

The treatment with Dr. Reichel went great. She was really amazing. I think the temples look a little bit fuller.

I do think that the combo of the Sculptra and Dysport was a really great suggestion by Dr. Reichel.

The 11's that were forming have resolved. My forehead is sort of smoother.

My friends were really excited and very complimentary.

She took great care to make sure that I didn't have any pain during the process at all. I didn't even see the needle once at all which, I think was a really helpful thing for me because it might have been a little anxiety provoking to see a needle.

The first day was probably the most uncomfortable and then it really was not a big deal. Icing, post treatment, I think was a really helpful thing. I think that really made a big difference in terms of reducing my bruising and my overall comfort level. And even though the massaging the first day or two, in particular, was pretty uncomfortable, you gotta go for it. Just do it. It gets better and it's not that big a deal.

I really feel like I look just like me. And that's what I was going for.

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