Nonsurgical treatment to tighten loose skin

I am 67 with pretty good skin and I want to tighten my skin, if possible, and my neck, with a nonsurgical treatment. I have read about Ulthera and would try this if it is effective on older skin. Please reply. Thank you, C

Hi C,

Thanks for your question. Ulthera can be effective on older skin. It is an ultrasound, non-invasive, tightening device and can be used on all skin types. It would be important to see you in person so that we can do a consultation to decide if it is a good option for you. I definitely believe in face-lifts and I am very honest with patients about whether they are in the right category to do a surgical procedure. Most women are ready for a face-lift between the ages of 55 and 70 (but everyone varies). At 67, you may have only mildly loose skin and could be a great candidate for Ultherapy. I am starting to recommend a series of 2 treatments to some patients. I like to space them about 6 months apart, and we bundle the price so that it is less expensive for the 2nd treatment. So, I guess the bottom line, is that yes, you might be a candidate for a non-invasive procedure. Please feel free to call for a consultation. The $80 consult fee is waived when you find me via RealSelf. You can call 206-859-5777.


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