Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center's October Newsletter

Goodbye summer, hello fall. Time to start pulling out jackets and boots as the air keeps getting crisper every morning! Although many of us are sad to see the sun slowly fair us well, it is a great time to start addressing some of those skin issues many of us put off during the summertime.

If your rosacea has been triggered or gotten worse over the last few months with sun exposure, we have some fantastic treatments for you, one being our VBeam laser. We have seen wonderful results with our patients that have had moderate to severe rosacea. If you are not quite ready for lasers, come in and talk to our Physician Assistant, Andrea English about prescriptions and other options to help your rosacea!

Just a reminder if you haven’t already had your 2011 Seattle Skin Check, be sure to give us a call at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center for an appointment! (206)859-5777. We want to make sure all of those inscrutable moles are still just inscrutable moles!

Ladies and Gentlemen…


Fall is the perfect time to start a laser package! Lasers are an effective, nonsurgical way to rejuvenate your look and freshen up! Whether you want to get rid of some of those frustrating sun spots, diminish fine lines or remove unwanted hair, our lasers can help.

LightSheer DUET:

HAIR, BE GONE! We love our new LightSheer DUET laser for hair removal. It is fast, effective, and from my own personal experience, totally worth the tiny, and I mean tiny, bit of pain. You will be so happy getting rid of those obnoxious facial hairs and thrilled with your smooth legs that you can have without shaving every other day!

If you are interested, STOP WAXING and PLUCKING! We need those hairs to be freshly shaved and right under your skins surface to target the hair. Call for an appointment! We have very affordable pricing with this high speed LightSheer DUET laser by Lumenis and with the purchase of multiple areas; we give a 20% discount on the treatment area(s) of equal or lesser value.

IPL aka The Photo Facial:

Pulses of light from this laser target pigment and blood vessels, which can help improve sun spots, age spots, rosacea, spider veins, capillaries, and more. Even in Seattle we still had some sun this summer. It is difficult for many of us to block time out of our schedules, especially as the holidays come closer, and this treatment allows you to be back to work and other plans right away with little to no down time. Most people come in for two to four treatments, four weeks apart, for the best results. Improved, gorgeous skin tone can certainly help boost anyone’s self-esteem!

Fraxel re:store Dual:

“Wow.” The results from this laser have many of us saying exactly that. The Fraxel re:store laser treats many different skin issues; age and sun spots, melasma, acne scars and other scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and achieves skin resurfacing. Check out our before and after pictures on this website and see for yourself! Dr. Jennifer Reichel and Dr. Laurie Jacobson would love to see you for a consultation to discuss how this treatment can be beneficial to you.

Total FX CO2 Fractional Laser (The Big Whammy):

The Total FX CO2 Fractional laser provides excellent, dramatic results with just one treatment. The laser micro beams aim deep into the layers of the skin to remove tissue and stimulate new collagen growth immediately. You will see amazing changes in the appearance of wrinkles, fine and deep lines, brown spots, and this treatment is wonderful in reducing acne scarring and other scarring.

Now is perfect timing to have the Total FX CO2 laser done as it is crucial to stay protected from the sun after this treatment. Everyone starts to hibernate in their homes around this time of year making it prime opportunity for some downtime.

Another great benefit: BOTH the CO2 and Fraxel treat precancerous lesions and sun damage in addition to cosmetic improvements. The Fraxel Dual is FDA approved for this purpose and remember, not all CO2 lasers are equal. The Total FX, for us, is THE GOLD STANDARD.

We love lasers! Our doctors are experts with the most advanced laser technologies and our office would love to see you come in and leave our office ecstatic with how your skin looks and feels! We have some great package deals and only want you to achieve what you have come in to treat.


Congratulations to Kelly Stevens, PA-C, our beautiful new mother for the second time. On September 12th, she and husband Mike welcomed baby girl Ruby Stevens into their lives! We are so excited for Kelly and adorable Ruby!

Dr. Reichel is, once again, on the move – giving talks at the NW Aestheticians Guild on October 12th on skin cancer and Mohs Micrographic surgery. She has also been invited to give a talk at the ASDS national meeting on How to Build a Cosmetic Practice, and at the Pacific Northwest Dermatology meeting on laser treatments and skin rejuvenation. Watch out University of Washington – Dr. Reichel is hosting a teaching session on October 6th on “How to Inject Botox” for all of the UW Dermatology residents.

Dr. Reichel appeared in the September 2011 issue of Skin & Aging magazine. Her featured quote in the cover story’s article Making Melasma More Manageable is as follows, “I’ve always relied heavily on topicals and still do, and even if I will also treat patients with laser or chemical peels, I am insistent that they stay on combination tretinoin and hydroquinone…” Dr. Reichel has many melasma patients with success stories and would be happy to see you to discuss an effective treatment plan such as the prescription topicals mentioned, chemical peels, or the Fraxel re:store Dual laser(another highly effective treatment for melasma).

Our Fall Evening of Beauty held September 22nd was a blast! Thank you to everyone who came; our office had a wonderful time seeing you! Hope all of you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. We are glad you loved the drawings, food, meeting our vendors and simply being together.

Be sure not to miss the next pre-holiday event for more fun and awesome deals. Dates and details will be out soon!

If you want to look your best before seeing family and friends for the holidays, schedule your appointments in advance with Dr. Reichel and Dr. Jacobson for Botox and Fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse), even a “liquid facelift” because everyone else has the same idea as you! Be sure to give yourself about two weeks before any major events to have these done because there can be some minimal swelling and bruising with some of these procedures.

Put some $ back in your pocket with Allergan’s promotions:

Duet Dividends Program: Receive Botox treatment and Juvederm XC treatment and save $75! For Brilliant Distinctions members it is instant, our front desk can go online then and there and save you bucks! If you are not a member, it is still $75 off, although a mail in rebate.  This goes through November 30th, 2011.

Latisse Real Deal: Purchase a box of Latisse and not only grow luscious, long lashes, but save $25! For Brilliant Distintions member it is instant savings, for non-members, a mail in rebate. If you have not bought Latisse before we need you to see one of our providers since it is a prescription so call our office to book a quick, no charge consult. Offer ends November 30th,2011.

For one box of Latisse it is $125 or purchase two boxes and it is $198. (So it’s really $100 for one box or $173 for two!)

Ask us about the Brilliant Distinctions program if you aren’t a member. It is a great perk from Allergan when getting Botox or Juvederm treatments or when purchasing Latisse. You receive points from our office in the form of a voucher for any of these three things and those points will accumulate. Points equal money!

We appreciate all of our patients. You make our work enjoyable and meaningful! Stay dry over the next few months (or more than the next few months…) and call Pacific Dermatology and Cosmetic Center at 206-859-5777 with all of your skin concerns!

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Thank you for choosing Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, we look forward to providing you with the very best skin care.