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Liposuction for Men

Liposuction for Men

Liposuction is the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the US. Although it is often considered a procedure used by females, male liposuction is becoming an increasingly popular procedure, especially in our image-driven society. Liposuction can help men remove stubborn areas of fat that hinder their appearance and keep them from achieving the youthful, toned look they desire. This procedure removes fat by inserting a small tube into the body and suctioning out the fat, leaving patients with a slimmer, sculpted appearance.

Liposuction for men is most commonly performed on the chest, flanks, abdomen, neck and chin. It can also be used to treat the:

  • Upper arms
  • Cheeks
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Calves
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Ankles
Liposuction is also effective for treating gynecomastia, an enlargement of the male breast tissue caused by a hormonal imbalance. This common condition can be treated through breast reduction surgery, but liposuction often offers the same effective results with minimal downtime and practically no visible scarring. Many men with gynecomastia only have a small amount of fat tissue that needs to be removed and can usually benefit from liposuction.

Liposuction Procedure

Male liposuction is performed through the tumescent technique, a minimally invasive technology that helps reduce scarring, blood loss and recovery times. A small tube called a cannula is inserted into the skin through a small incision to suction out fat in the targeted area. The cannula injects a saline solution and local anesthetic into the area to keep it swollen and numb, making fat removal easier and virtually painless. The liposuction procedure takes less than an hour and can be performed in your doctor's office. General anesthesia is usually used for this procedure.

Liposuction Results

After liposuction, men can expect results to be visible right away, even when the area is swollen. Results will become more evident as swelling subsides, and will continue to improve for several months before full results are present. Scars from the liposuction procedure will also fade and are usually completely healed within a few months.

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Liposuction for Men in seattleBotox® or Bro-tox for Men

BOTOX® Cosmetic is an amazing way to reduce or eliminate wrinkles of the face and neck. In fact, hundreds of thousands of Botox procedures are performed annually on men. Last year, more than 300,000 men got Botox, according to figures released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. That is a 10 percent increase from the previous year. As Dr. Reichel always quotes, “BOTOX® will buy you WRINKLE FREE TIME”. BOTOX® is effective for reducing lines and wrinkles all over the face, but the most popular areas of treatment for men are between the eyebrows and across the forehead.

Quick, safe and effective, BOTOX® reduces facial lines and wrinkles for up to six months with no downtime and little to no discomfort. Through a series of tiny injections, BOTOX® is injected under the skin to help relax the muscles, dramatically reducing the appearance of wrinkles caused by muscle movement. Most men should start to see wrinkles smooth out within one week. BOTOX® treatments can not only prevent these lines from deepening, they can also erase these marks of aging, leaving you looking less tired and more refreshed.

Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center is a certified "Platinum partner" with Allergan™, the makers of BOTOX®. Our Platinum status indicates that we are among the absolute top BOTOX® clinics in the Pacific Northwest. Platinum status also means that we are able to pass along special savings to our patients. If you are curious to find out more about BOTOX® or to see if you are a good candidate, schedule a cosmetic consultation today with one of our physicians.

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Facial Rejuvenation for Men

If you are a guy looking to find out about improving your facial appearance through non-surgical cosmetic procedures, you may be encouraged to know you are far from being alone. “About 10% of my clients who seek facial rejuvenation are men,” says Dr. Jennifer Reichel, “The most popular procedures are anti-wrinkle injections of the upper face, the use of fillers in the lower face, and the repairing of acne-damaged skin.” When comparing the differences between men’s and women’s aesthetic concerns, men usually have coarser skin and do not suffer as much as women from hormonal pigmentation. A lot of men seek facial rejuvenation for sun damage, coarse pores, oily skin and redness.

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Anti-wrinkle treatment of the upper face

The majority of men are interested in anti-wrinkle injections because of frown lines. Frown lines are two vertical lines between the eyebrows that, when you show expression or concentrate, pull the eyebrows down and inwards. This may make you look angry, concerned or worried.

“By relaxing the muscles, the anti-wrinkle injections slightly elevate the eyebrows and help prevent frowns. Provided you start early enough, it makes the vertical creases disappear. If the creases have been there too long and you have squeezed collagen out and have an indented scar, we can fill the indented scar with a filler, which flattens the skin and repairs the area.”

Men also have anti-wrinkle injections to remove or reduce horizontal forehead lines and also ‘crow’s feet’ lines, which are the lines on the side of the eyes caused by muscle contraction while smiling. BOTOX relaxes those muscles and helps prevent the formation of the lines without altering your natural smile.

Filler treatment of the lower face

Lines and furrows are caused by continual folding and creasing of the skin, which leads to a loss of tissue in the area over time. Dermal fillers are injected into the deepest part of the furrow to replace the loss of tissue and ‘plump up’ the area.

Many men have filler treatment for the lower face to treat ‘nasolabial folds’ or deep furrows from the side of the nose to the corners of the mouth on each side. Fillers are also used to treat marionette lines, which are the lines that extend downward from the corners of the mouth and which commonly cause a person to look sad.

“Fillers not only visually improve the area but also prevent creases from growing deeper as they act as a cushioning pad,” explains Dr. Reichel, “In addition, certain fillers can stimulate production of new collagen in the skin, which helps repair the area.”

Other uses of fillers include lifting sagging of the upper cheeks or to address specific areas of concern, such as an indentation on the nose or indented scars.

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Laser treatment

Men may undergo fractionated laser treatment to repair the skin texture from sun damage, coarse pores, acne damage or acne scarring. Fractionated lasers penetrate deeply into the skin to improve the skin texture without burning or breaking the skin.

“The fractionated laser treatment does not have any real downtime. There is redness and slight swelling, which subsides over 2-3 days. Most men won’t take any time off work; they just come in on a Friday evening for the treatment and by Monday morning, their faces would look as if they are just getting over a sunburn.”

Laser technology is an exciting field that has become more powerful and more advanced, yet safer than ever before. At Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, we offer the latest in laser treatments. Dr. Reichel has advanced training and extensive expertise in lasers. Cosmetic dermatology is an ever-changing field and our physicians attend and speak at national laser and surgical meetings every year to stay on top of the most recent advances.

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