Summer is finally upon us in the Pacific Northwest

Drs. Reichel and Jacobson very much enjoyed speaking at the annual Pacific Northwest Dermatologic 79th scientific conference, held this year at Suncadia resort over the July 21-22 weekend.  Dr. Reichel discussed the history and current treatment of unwanted fatty deposits using liposuction as well as non-invasive fat reduction treatments such as Liposonix and Cool Sculpting.  The essence of her talk focused on the fact that despite the plethora of non-invasive fat removal treatments over the last few years, liposuction is still the gold standard for removal of unwanted fat.

Meanwhile Dr. Jacobson discussed the history and newest developments in laser resurfacing including the fractionated carbon dioxide laser.  She emphasized that nothing but laser resurfacing has long term benefits in the treatment of deep wrinkles, particularly the skin around the eyes and mouth.  It also delivers a one-two punch for those patients who have both sun damage (and perhaps pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions) as well as cosmetic concerns (unwanted pigmentation, deeper wrinkles, unwanted facial growths).  Laser resurfacing is ideal for the improvement of skin texture, color, and most importantly tightening.

Andrea English and Kelly Stevens attended the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistant summer conference in Seattle this July.  It was a great opportunity to review important general dermatology topics and see colleges!

Drs. Reichel and Jacobson learned that they successfully passed their recertifying exams this past spring and are happy not to take any more exams for another decade J.    As expected, they are both still Board Certified Dermatologists!  Kelly Stevens-PA passed her recertifying exam as well.  Congrats!

Ultherapy:  On Wednesday August 1, we are delighted to offer another Ulthera Information Evening with LIVE demonstrations.  Come watch our new device in action as it treats unwanted jowls and lifts and tightens skin in a single non-invasive ultrasound treatment.   This micro-focused ultrasound technology is remarkable and yielding great results.

Radiesse Days: We will be having a special Radiesse promotion on Tuesday, September 25 and Thursday, September 27 where you can buy one syringe and get the second 50% off!  Be on the lookout for an email telling you all about our impending Radiesse Days.

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