Summertime Skin Care

Even us professionals face dermatologic challenges as the seasons change. Knowing that, we are here today to discuss how to manage summertime skin better, not only so you can prevent unnecessary sun damage but also so you can support aging skin more adeptly at any age.

Lighten Up

Warmer weather often means we don’t need the heavy emollient creams we did during the winter months. Now is a great time to shed that winter coat you’ve been putting on your skin and reach for lighter-weight moisturizers and lotions. Even your cleanser might lighten up by switching to a foam option rather than an oil or cream cleanser. 

Pull Double-Duty

While you’re using a lighter weight moisturizer, you can still double up. By that, we mean choose a moisturizer that has SPF 30. This strategy can be particularly good for people with naturally oily skin because, essentially, you’re removing the need for an extra product. Instead of applying moisturizer and sunscreen, you’re getting both in a single application. 

Make Sure You Moisturize

It is not uncommon for patients to ask their dermatologist if they need to moisturize their skin at all during warmer weather, seeing as they are sweating anyway. Regardless of that, even regardless of how hot and humid it may be, the skin needs daily cleansing and hydrating. Moisturizer isn’t just about moisture itself, it is about replenishing the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin that acts as a barrier against environmental irritants. 

Add Some Nutrients

Just like the cells of the body need nutrients, so does the skin. In this case, it is vitamin C that is beneficial. A vitamin C serum can be applied between cleansing and moisturizing every day of the year. This nutrient can improve the appearance of fine lines, help prevent hyperpigmentation, and support better collagen production. 

Slough it Off

Summertime is prime time for exfoliation. Dermatologists frequently remind their patients not to overdo the exfoliation. While we maintain that recommendation, it is also beneficial to exfoliate more during the summer than in the winter. Now is a good time to add an alpha-hydroxy acid serum to your daily routine. Doing so, or wiping the face with alpha-hydroxy acid pads, can help remove oil that can block pores and cause breakouts. 

When needed, we can help you manage sun damaged, aging skin. To schedule a visit at our Renton or Seattle office, call 206-859-5777.

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