A, Ultherapy

Dear Cheryl,

I am very pleased and impressed with the Ultherapy treatment you performed, and have been meaning to thank you! You really nailed that very annoying line ("marionette") - what an improvement after the follow-up bonus session! Hugs, A


Dear Dr. Reichel,

I would like to express my gratitude and very sincere thank you for all that you and your wonderful staff have done for me! I will never forget you guys!!!  -J

D, Cosmetic Procedure

Dr. Reichel,

Thanks so much for your willingness to try a unique approach on my puffy face. It still has not returned! I appreciate you working with me after so much time has passed. -D

S.P., Cosmetic Procedure

Dear Dr. Reichel,

I wanted to tell you, the wonderful treatment you did for my son WORKED. His neck looks SO much better. His self esteem is back. Thank you so much.

M.W., Laser Treatment

I want thank and compliment Melissa on her outstanding communication skills. She is so nice and friendly and professional on the phone and face-to-face too. She really makes the patients feel welcome & comfortable. Most doctors’ offices aren’t that way, they make patients feel rushed and inconvenienced but it’s not like that with Melissa. I enjoyed my wait for my laser appt, because I was just so impressed and happy to hear Melissa on the phone and interacting with the patients!



Cheryl, you did such a good job. Dr Reichel has excellent staff. My sister in law sees Dr Jacobsen and she is extremely satisfied with your clinic too. See you in several months for the photo op!

Thx. M

N, Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Good morning Cheryl,

I hope you are well. I just wanted to give you an update. Overall, I really want to thank both Dr. Reichel and you, Cheryl. For people who have never had hyperhidrosis, it may be difficult to comprehend, but this has truly been life altering. I can now worry less about having to constantly change my clothes at work and reapply deodorant throughout my day, which is truly priceless. I am very confident that after a second treatment I will no longer have this condition. Thanks again for working with me to make this happen. I am leaving for my business trip to Las Vegas this Sunday and I read that the weather will be in the 90's so I am VERY HAPPY that I have noticed an improvement since last week. Now I only have to focus on my meetings and presentations and not the extra clothes I would have had to bring before having the surgery and the treatment :)


J, Acne Treatment

Hello Dr. Reichel and staff:

I wanted to write to tell you thank you! You performed Total FX on my face last May. I had a very aggressive procedure, and you and your staff were so supportive and amazing through all of it (especially the following months- WHOA, I wasn't expecting all that redness). However, I thought it would be nice to write you and tell you how I am doing now. My skin looks WONDERFUL!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It took about 4-5 months for the redness to subside and for me to start noticing the difference, but it definitely worked. Thank you for all your coaching and support! I really appreciate all the extra effort you guys made!

My acne scarring has completely disappeared in some areas- in the more significantly scarred areas it is much more shallow and way less noticeable. My skin looks younger, firmer, and and has an over-all healthy tone. It just looks great! I feel amazing about it! A coworker of mine (who even sits very close to me at work) told me a few weeks ago that he was jealous of my "perfect skin". No one has ever said that to me, ever. It made me realize what an improvement the procedure had accomplished. I wanted to write and say thank you! I wrote you a 5 star yelp review :) I hope all is well in Seattle.

Thank you so much, J


Dr. Reichel, Words can not express my gratitude for what your team has done for me.

Sincerely, I.M.

C.L., Laser Treatment

Dr. Reichel,

A personal "thank-you" for helping me through a very self-conscious time in my life.  When you find out you're pregnant, you are beyond elated, then suddenly not everything about pregnancy is all its cracked up to be; in my case Melasma, or what you call it, "Pregnancy Mask".  I never would have expected to see the results that I did after having just one treatment with the Fraxel Dual laser.  Its a relatively painless laser treatment start to finish, and I appreciated all of the information I was given before and after by your staff.  My skin looks so much better, I can't wait to have my second treatment and watch the rest of it disappear.  And of course, as recommended by you, I will always be aware of the sun and wear my sunscreen!

Thank you!  CL

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