Tips for Managing Acne-prone Skin

acneAcne can be a stubborn problem that feels impossible to resolve. The team at Pacific Dermatology offers patients from Seattle, Renton, and surrounding area the treatment options they need to feel better about their skin. Here, we will look at some of the top ways to manage skin that is prone to breakouts.

  1. Don't wait to get help. The idea that acne is a minor skin problem that will run its course is a huge myth. When a person has acne-prone skin that is highly irritable more often than not, there is a high likelihood that a mild breakout will quickly escalate into severe acne. In nearly every case, it is possible to avoid this with prompt, professional care.
  2. Professional assessment is a valuable tool for skin care. Have you ever tried an acne solution that you have heard rave reviews about? It seems to be working for everyone else, but it's not working for you. This can be frustrating, and may even cause you to feel hopeless. The problem is not you, it's just that your skin is unique. Consulting with a skin care professional, you can discover which products will soothe and nourish your skin.
  3. Be consistent. Clearing existing acne is one thing. Maintaining the skin long-term is another. If your skin is prone to acne or highly sensitive, your routine is vital to dermatologic health - and to your emotional well-being, too. This is another area in which professional care is valuable. We not only provide treatment to resolve an existing breakout, but we follow up with patients to ensure they have the proper tools to care for their changing skin. A visible breakout may not occur until 90 days after pores become clogged. So a healthy daily regimen is crucial.
  4. Be gentle. Acne is not something that can be scrubbed away, no matter how much you want it gone. If you have severe acne, be gentle with yourself. Acne is not your fault. Also, be gentle with your skin. It is in need of TLC, not aggressiveness. Using a mild cleanser may be a better solution than using a harsh acne product.

We can help you discover what your skin needs so the risk of future breakouts decreases. Schedule your visit with us today.

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