Together, You and Your Dermatologist can Clear the Signs of Acne

Breakouts of pimples and blackheads can be difficult to manage. The issue of acne is one to take seriously. Not only does a person with active acne experience physical and emotional discomfort in the moment, but they also often worry about how their skin may look years after acne has disappeared. The team at Pacific Dermatology helps patients navigate both concerns. With a board-certified dermatologist in your corner, you can find your way through the frustration of active breakouts and also repair the damage that has been done to your skin. Here, we point out a few ways to nurture acne-prone skin.

Nurturing at Home

Healthy skin is a culmination of several factors. Daily facial care is one of them. When acne is an issue, it is important to look for specific ingredients to add to a home care routine. Some that are known to support healthy tissue regeneration include:

  • Alpha-hydroxy acids. There are a few different AHAs that are frequently used in formulations for medical grade skin care products. The benefit of alpha-hydroxy acids is that these chemicals break down the uppermost layer of damaged skin cells so they can slough off more efficiently.
  • Salicylic acid. A gentle acidic chemical, salicylic acid is an effective cleanser that removes dead cells and other debris from the epidermis. Using a salicylic acid cleanser inhibits the accumulation of oil, dirt, and other particles in pores.
  • Various forms of retinol are advantageous for healthy, glowing skin because these chemicals have both a soothing and exfoliating effect.

Nurturing from Your Dermatologist

Professional or medical care is often needed to get a handle on active acne, and this may require a multi-pronged approach. Our physicians develop acne treatment based on several factors, one of which may be the presence of or potential for acne scarring. Some of the treatments that are beneficial to reduce scarring include:

  • Chemical peels. Like the mild acidic ingredients in skin care products, chemical peels are intended for exfoliation and cellular turnover. A chemical peel for acne or acne scarring may cause superficial flaking that keeps the pores of the skin clear of debris. Depending on the depth of the peel, increased collagen production may also occur.
  • Infini microneedling. In recent years, several devices have been developed for deep, nurturing effects. Infini microneedling is a sophisticated collagen-induction treatment that provokes change at a cellular level to renew the surface of the skin. This is a preferred treatment for acne scarring.
  • Clear + Brilliant. A gentle laser treatment, Clear + Brilliant creates micro-injuries in the upper layer of the skin while also delivering gentle laser energy to the dermis. This stimulates an increase in collagen to heal acne-scarred skin.

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