Treatment for Large Pores

What can I do about large pores on my face?


Dear B:

Large pore size is a very common complaint in my clinic.  Unfortunately, pore size is relatively unchangeable.  Pores can actually enlarge with time with the loss of elasticity in the skin as well as sun damage.  The good news is that there are many treatments that can help reduce the appearance of your pores.

First and foremost, I always recommend a prescription retinoid cream for nightly use.  Retinoid creams (i.e. Retin-A, Atralin, Tazorac, Differin) help keep your pores unclogged and therefore they appear to be smaller.  Another helpful tool is the Clarisonic Pro- this will work synergistically with the retinoid cream to keep those pores as clean and clear as possible.

If you’re still unhappy with your pore size after initiating the appropriate topical treatments, there are some laser treatments that may help.  The Fraxel laser is used for acne scarring, scarring, brown spots (hyperpigmentation) and can also help with pore size in some cases.

So, don’t despair- there are some options to reduce the appearance of pores.  We’re always happy to see you in consultation in Renton or Northgate.

Erica Linnell, MD

Pacific Dermatology and Cosmetic Center

Renton, WA



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