Treatment for red birthmarks

I am looking to have some red birthmarks removed around my nose and on my forehead. What is the best treatment option for this? -Lori


Hi Lori. Thank you for the inquiry. We would be happy to see you to have your red birthmarks removed. It sounds like we will need to use a laser for this. We have 3 different lasers to treat redness. The VBeam Perfecta is one. It is the main laser that we use to treat red birthmarks. If you have a port-wine-stain, this would be the laser that we would use. It takes multiple treatments for most conditions. We also have a KTP laser, and the Intense Pulse Light (IPL). Both of these two also treat redness.

We can likely treat you at the same time as your consultation if you would like. Make sure to mention that you found us on realself and the $80 consultation fee is waived.
Thanks again.

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