Understanding Fraxel Laser Treatment

Fraxel laser treatment is a rejuvenation procedure for the face with the help of laser treatment. It is used to treat a range of face conditions using Fraxel lasers which cause fractional photothermolysis of the skin. The treatment helps you in achieving more youthful and healthier looking skin. The process was developed by Solta Medical in 2001 with the aid of Dr. Cameron Rokhsar in New York

Benefits of Fraxel Laser Treatment

There are multiple benefits you can achieve from this procedure. Some are: skin resurfacing, reduced fine lines around the eyes, reduced pigmented lesions caused due to age or sun spots, removal of acne scars, removal of surgical scars, getting rid of discoloration and uneven pigmentation.

There are mainly three categories of Fraxel laser treatment:

  • Fraxel re-fine treatment - This is the most gentle option for prevention and maintenance. The method is also used to treat minor skin damage. It helps in reduction of fine line around the eyes, age spots or sun spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.
  • Fraxel re-store treatment - This is used for the treatment of mild to severe skin damage. It helps in resurfacing damaged skin to uncover younger and youthful looking skin. Apart from treating wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone, it also helps in elimination of surgical scars.
  • Fraxel re-pair treatment - This treatment option is used in cases of severe skin damage. A kind of facelift, this treatment helps in the process of skin tightening and corrects severe skin damage.

It usually takes about 25 minutes to half an hour to complete a Fraxel treatment session and you will come in 1 hour prior to the procedure for numbing. The recovery period varies from a day to about a week based on the kind of treatment.

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