Welcome Spring from all of us at Pacific Dermatology!

Spring is a great time to make an appointment before the summer sun comes around.  Laser treatments ranging from the Total FX CO2 or the Fraxel to leg vein treatments or sclerotherapy achieve optimal results if patients have not had any recent sun exposure or sun exposure immediately post-treatment.  And, as many of you already know, our new LightSheer DUET laser hair removal system has been a huge hit since it is much faster and more comfortable than any others on the market.  Spring also brings big events for many people (graduations, weddings, proms, etc) so come in and have a Cosmetic Consultation, and we can suggest what treatment options are most harmonious with your goals.

We are also thrilled to announce the addition of the ULTHERA…the only FDA cleared, non-invasive tightening and lifting device that uses microfocused ultrasound technology for tightening skin.  Ultherapy sees below the surface of the skin, precisely heats that tissue to naturally and gradually create new collagen.  This ultrasound technology improves your skin from the inside out.  Results can be some toning and firming immediately following the treatment with the full lifting and tightening effect building gradually over the course of two to three months.  Treatment options range from providing a sleeker, more defined jawline to reducing laxity of the eyelid skin.  Imagine a significant lift of the brow line!  And, there is no recovery ‘downtime’.  We look forward to having you come in for this skin rejuvenation procedure

Our Evening of Beauty event will take place Thursday, April 26 from 4:30pm-7:30pm.  We will have a live demonstration of the Ulthera, as well as evening of treatments featuring Botox and Chemical Peels at amazing prices, product discounts and great raffle items, gift bags and refreshments.  We look forward to giving you this very special evening, please call as soon as possible and reserve your time.

Provider News:  Kelly Stevens, PA-C and Drs. Jennifer Reichel and Laurie Jacobson are pleased to have taken their recertifying board examinations in March and have them behind us.  Drs. Reichel and Jacobson will be attending the annual American College of Mohs Surgery meeting in Chicago in a few weeks to learn about the latest updates and treatment options for skin cancer.  In addition, both Drs. Reichel and Jacobson will be speaking at the annual Pacific Northwest Dermatologic Conference held in Suncadia, WA this year on liposuction and laser resurfacing advances, respectively.

Spring is also the time to take stock of the health of our skin before summer rolls around.  Be certain to make your annual skin check appointment at 206-859-5777 and we can also discuss the best ways to help prevent skin cancer.

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Thank you for choosing Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, we look forward to providing you with the very best skin care.