Welcoming Spring

Ashley Miguel, PA-Cby Ashley Miguel, PA-C

The signs of Spring are appearing all around us! Days are growing longer, winter frost has disappeared, flowers are blooming everywhere, and we are seeing the sun more and more. These signs signal it’s time to shed the old and embrace the new! Why not start with your skin care routine?

Skin Medica Retinol ComplexPD&CC has an amazing array of quality cosmeceuticals and prescription grade skin care products that can aid in shedding the dull skin of winter so you can radiate the glow of spring. A cornerstone of any daily routine is to incorporate one of our retinoid or retinol products, which aid in exfoliating the epidermis, thereby brightening your complexion, smoothing rough skin and fine lines, and unclogging your pores. Stop in either our Northgate or Renton clinic and have one of our skin care professionals recommend one that suits your skin type.

Elta MD UV ClearAnother crucial component to daily care, especially as the sun becomes more intense, is sunblock. Even rays that penetrate car windows can contribute to skin cancer and pre-mature aging such as wrinkles, skin laxity, and sun spot formation on the face, neck, and hands! Try one of our physical sunblocks from the Elta MD line that work via Zinc and Titanium. They form a shield on your skin to block UV radiation from damaging your dermis. Elta MD provides exceptional coverage in formulas that are a pleasure to wear. Remember that Spring arrives March 19th Pacific Time so let us help you get ready.

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