We’re in it for the Long Haul with Sculptra!

Sculptra AestheticThe aging process is not a fly-by-night, once-and-done event. We start to age in our twenties, losing the high doses of collagen that we have always had. From this decade of life, the fibroblast cells that are responsible for collage production continue to tire out. With each passing year, a few more of these cells retire. This means less collagen, and less collagen means more lines and wrinkles. By the time we reach our forties, we start to realize just how important collagen is to smooth, supple skin.

Since aging is a long-haul kind of process, we see no better way to help you feel great about your aging process than to offer solutions that meet your long-term needs. Sculptra is one of those solutions. Interestingly, it is a treatment that doesn’t tend to get quite as much attention as other common wrinkle-reducers, like Juvederm and Botox. It should, and we are about to dive in.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is not like all the other fillers on the market. This product does not rely on hyaluronic acid to plump areas of depression. Instead, it looks to the future, and to the origin of aging: collagen. Sculptra is a formulation of Polylactic acid or PLLA. The microparticles of this filler product are introduced deeper beneath the skin, where fibroblasts are quickly off to sleep. Within a few days of treatment, the PLLA microparticles disperse among collagen-producing cells, causing controlled irritation. Perhaps a better way to describe this is stimulation. When the fibroblasts are gently disrupted by PLLA, they wake up and get back to the important work of producing collagen.

What you Need to know

There is a significant difference between Sculptra and the standard dermal fillers used around the world on a daily basis. As you can see, this product works in a deeper layer of connective tissue. It also works through a completely different function, which is to stimulate collagen. This means that, unlike other fillers, Sculptra will improve the appearance of the face, hands, neck, or décolleté over several months. No immediate results here! However, if you feel a bit impatient, you can have your proverbial cake and eat it too by combining Sculptra with another filler.

Aging doesn’t stop, unfortunately, but Sculptra can enable you to look younger next year than you look today.

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