What can I do about my Rosacea?

Hi Dr. Reichel,  I'm a 30 year old male with rosacea on my left cheek from a few sunburns and stress.  I'm interested in VBeam to treat the redness.  I'm already taking Metrogel, Finacea and Oracea and it isn't enough.  Thanks, Eric

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your question.  It sounds like you are on good treatment for the papular (acne-like) components of rosacea.  Unfortunately, the creams and oral medications don't do much for the redness or broken blood vessels.  The Vbeam or the KTP laser are the strongest lasers for facial redness.  I sometimes like to use both, and can decide depending on what we see in your personal case.  It can sometimes take more than one treatment-so be prepared for that.  Otherwise, they are pretty easy to undergo and have very little treatment on the day of your consultation. 

Answered by Dr. Jennifer Reichel of Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in Seattle.

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