What to Do and Not Do During and After CoolSculpting

Boy, have things heated up this summer! As they have, many of us have once again chosen to stay indoors more than we had imagined we would. As we come to the last bend in the road before summer ends (and we hopefully get back to cooler days and nights soon), we have a great opportunity to address the body contouring goals we may have overlooked as summer began. Here, we discuss how you can make the most of CoolSculpting treatments from Pacific Dermatology.

During Your CoolSculpting Treatment

CoolSculpting treatments usually last no longer than an hour. This depends on the number of areas we’re targeting in one sitting. To sculpt a part of the body where there is “pinchable fat”, such as that stubborn muffin top or the backs of the arms, we apply the small applicator to the skin. Gentle suction secures the target pinchable fat into the applicator as it cools to its target temperature gradually. A couple of things to know about your CoolSculpting session:

  • You truly can relax. People often say they didn’t believe the commercials saying that they could sit back and read a book while getting CoolSculpting. Well, you can! The treatment may be slightly uncomfortable as the tissue cools down. However, this is not painful. After a few minutes, the area goes numb. This is completely normal and indicative that tissue is reaching the exact temperature we want. 
  • The exact temperature we want to freeze fat is not the same temperature at which skin is at risk of damage. This is great news! Also, to prevent unnecessary discomfort related to cold directly on the skin, we place a thin gel pad over the area before applying the applicator. 

After Your CoolSculpting Session

  • While it’s possible to go right back to normal activities after CoolSculpting treatment, your body should be your guide. Side effects from this procedure are typically very mild. They shouldn’t get in the way of going to work and running errands. You may not feel up to your normal workout right after your session , though. 
  • Drink plenty of water. Water helps the lymphatic system pull out and eliminate toxins and wastes from the blood. After CoolSculpting, that waste is your fat cells. The standard 8 to 10 glasses of water a day is sufficient for optimal lymphatic support. 

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