What To Do When You're Unhappy With Your Skin

Very few people are blessed with perfect skin. Although it's impossible to change genetics, it is possible to improve your skin's health with regular maintenance and good habits.


A healthy diet is an essential part of skin care that can't be ignored. A healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables keeps skin healthy by giving it the minerals and nutrients it needs. Drinking plenty of water is also important and keeps skin hydrated and healthy.

Good Habits

Lifestyle habits have a huge impact on skin. Develop good habits and work to start eliminating the bad ones.

Use sunscreen.

    • The sun damages skin cells and is the leading cause of skin cancer. By using a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 protection, skin stays healthy and the risk of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun spots is reduced.

Quit smoking.

    • Smokers tend to have skin that is more likely to age quickly and develop wrinkles. By quitting smoking, skin can begin to rejuvenate and slow its aging process.

Get seven to eight hours of sleep.

    • A good night's sleep is necessary to help with cell and skin renewal. It helps skin look refreshed and awake.

Don't overuse products.

    The overuse of products leads to skin irritation and sensitivity. A good skin care regimen includes a cleanser, sunscreen, and moisturizer. In most cases, nothing more is needed.


In some cases, certain products may be used to help improve skin's appearance. The most common are retinoids, which are only available via prescription. Retinoids help to unplug pores, reduce fine lines, boot collagen production, and reduce the visibility of brown spots and freckles.


The mind can do amazing things, and when it's stressed out all the time, it can become evident in the skin. When the mind is not healthy, neither is the skin and it often leads to breakouts and bad complexions. Meditation can help by not only calming the mind, but by making skin treatments more effective.

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  1. Maria Notch says:

    Yes I want to improve my skin but I do not know what is best.

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    Hi Maria,

    There are many products and treatment options available to help improve your skin. Each and every person has unique skin so our specialists will tailor treatment to fit your specific needs. Our providers at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center are well experienced in skin care and would be happy to see you for a consultation. Please call 206-859-5777 to schedule an appointment.

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