What You Need to Know about Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement Seattle and Renton WABeauty trends are fascinating to observe. In the seventies, the ideal body type was one that had very few curves. Today, it’s all about the booty. A feature that seems to have always been in style is full, voluptuous lips. Just a few years ago, our admiration for the lips remained well within the box of authenticity. More recently, however, celebs like Kylie Jenner and numerous famous Housewives have created a craze for fullness that is nearly over-the-top. Here, we want to discuss this new trend and how you can make the most of your treatment.

Lip injections don’t have to transform the lips into an unnatural state of fullness. Many patients treated with dermal fillers are more interested in achieving goals like creating a more prominent appearance for a barely-there upper lip. Lip enhancement is also beneficial for individuals whose lips have deflated somewhat with age. Whatever your goal, our team can help you achieve it.

Here’s what we’d like you to know:

  • Lip augmentation with dermal fillers is unique to the injector. There are several soft-tissue fillers on the market today, which means you have choices – and so does your injector. Every doctor or nurse who performs lip enhancement has their preference based on their knowledge of what a product can do. Before your treatment, we’re happy to speak with you about our preferences and why we like them.
  • Your treatment is based on you. There is a common idea that lip enhancement can begin with a picture of a celebrity with “the look.” This can be a starting point but should not be the endpoint. When performing lip augmentation, we look at your face and use our years of experience to predict how fuller lips will complement the whole.
  • Long-term commitment isn’t necessary with hyaluronic acid fillers. Most of the fillers used today contain hyaluronic acid. One of the benefits of this chemical is that it can be broken down faster with a particular enzyme. If for whatever reason your lip enhancement doesn’t look the way you had imagined, your hyaluronic acid filler, such as Juvederm, can be dissolved.

Do you have more questions about lip augmentation with dermal fillers? Contact our Renton or Seattle office for personal assistance or to schedule your consultation and treatment.

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