Which laser for fine lines around eyes?

Dr. Reichel, do you recommend Fraxel for fine lines around the eyes?

Hi M,
I normally try to steer patients toward CO2 for lines around the eyes - but will sometimes do Fraxel. For fraxel, it takes 4 treatments usually - spaced 4-6 weeks apart. about 3 days of down-time. You have to put in eyeshields (which is part of why I steer them toward CO2 - 1 treatment, but 5-7 days downtime). The cost is $500 per treatment.
You can also do chemical peels for fine lines - 30% TCA (can't do upper lid) - stronger and will have 5-7 days of raw skin. or a series of Vitalize peels. With those, I would recommend doing the whole face.
I  also recommend Botox - and I do put 1 unit under each eye - along with doing the crows feet. Retin A can also be used under the eyes.

Jennifer Reichel MD
Director, Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center

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