Why Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center? Tumsecent liposuction

Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center has a comprehensive approach to inspire beauty from head to toe.  Compassion, efficiency, safety and professional patient care are the cornerstone of our clinic.  Here, all cosmetic procedures are performed by a qualified physician or under the direct supervision of a qualified physician unlike many medi-spas and laser centers.  We believe that cosmetic treatments are an extension of medicine and surgery.  Dermatologists are the only doctors who specialize specifically in the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions.  Furthermore, Dr. Reichel will personally attend to you at your cosmetic consultation.  She performs all of the cosmetic surgeries, major laser procedures, as well as  Botox and fillers.  Laser hair removal, photofacial rejuvenation and Ultherapy are performed by her highly trained physician assistant, registered nurses or medical assistants.  “By seeing all of my patients through to completion of treatment, I am better able to ensure safety and great results.”
Dr. Reichel also pointed out a few other reasons why patients might want to consider a cosmetic surgical dermatologist at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center over a plastic surgeon.  “The number one difference is that my patients are under conscious sedation or “twilight sedation” rather than general anesthesia.  They are very comfortable, able to talk to me, and they can stand and walk right after the procedure - so it is much safer,” explains Dr. Reichel.  “Then there’s the matter of the liposuction tube or cannula.  By utilizing specialized, smaller cannulas, we can focus more on liposculpture, better avoiding the irregularities commonly associated with larger cannulas.”  Furthermore, Dr. Reichel makes sure she stays up-to-date with the latest advances in liposuction as well as all cosmetic procedures in her suite of treatment modalities.
Dr. Jennifer Reichel is seeing a growing patient demand for tumescent liposuction.  She offers what many are calling the gold standard in battling stubborn, exercise-resistant fat.  “When it comes to body fat, diet and exercise may be enough for some.  Others, however, need a little boost,” explains Dr. Reichel.  “And, although not a weight loss solution, tumescent liposuction can be that boost a person may need.
It is one of the most effective ways to achieve a slimmer, trimmer figure.”

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