Winter Skin Care Tips to Keep You Glowing

The cold, dry winter air can wreak havoc on your skin, taking moisture away and leaving your skin chapped, red, itchy and dry. Consider these tips to ensure your skin stays soft, supple and healthy during the winter months.

Kick Up the Moisturizer

skin careYour skin needs more moisture in the wintertime to compensate for harsh weather conditions. Oil-based moisturizers are best during the cold months because they provide a layer of protection not found in water-based products. Look for non-clogging oil-based moisturizers like mineral oil, primrose oil or almond oil. And when the air is dry, remember to apply moisturizer immediately after you wash to help retain moisture and soothe your dry, itchy skin.

Use a Humidifier

When the furnace or space heater comes on, they emit hot, dry air into the environment, which dries out your skin. Combat this drying effect by hooking up a humidifier, which can put moisture back into the air and protect your skin from becoming dry. To disperse moisture evenly, consider placing small humidifiers in different parts of your home or office.

Stay Hydrated

Water is essential for your overall health, but in the winter months we tend to drink less of it. Hot drinks like cocoa or tea seem more preferable. Try warm water with lemon as a refresher instead. And remember that foods in high water content can also help your skin stay hydrated. Watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, kiwi, oranges, celery, tomatoes and cucumbers are great options.

Bathe In Lukewarm Water

When it’s cold outside, the idea of soaking in a steaming hot bath can sound like heaven. But when you expose your skin to the intense heat of a hot shower or bath, your skin pays the price. Hot water strips many oils from your skin and leads to loss of moisture. Instead, soak in a lukewarm bath to preserve the lipid barriers of your skin and retain more moisture.

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